Good question, about what, what is this blog about?

Essentially this blog is about work, leadership, and life. It’s also about the the lessons learned and applied from each of them.

Why 15 Axioms?

For the past decade (more really) I have dedicated a large part of my work and life to understanding, applying and now facilitating the discovery of leadership competencies. In doing so I’ve learn that the core lessons of leadership are applicable to so many (if not all) aspects of life. I have also come to believe that in order to effectively utilize the lessons of leadership to our own work, family, and community, we must make those aspects personal. Leadership style is as individual as we are.

Why Do This?

Especially in light of all the other mishmash of blogs out there? Here are some of the reasons:

Well, first I want to share in experiences, thoughts, and discussions on topics relevant and of great interest to me such as: Leadership in work, life, communities, alternative non-nine to five careers, and artistic expression.
Further to support the small entrepreneur – “the little guy” by passing along blogs, links, and information on people and companies matching my values and way of work and life.

And perhaps as a way to keep up with the community of colleagues I’ve been privileged to work, learn, and lead with through lots of years.

Who am I?

We are all a collection of stories   Janice Clatterbuck

I do not like to talk about myself, it is hard for me, uncomfortable and can be misunderstood by others easily. But here you are:

I am married to someone I love and respect deeply.

I am father to five daughters who I cherish deeply. Among them they have 11 children, our grandchildren, who I also cherish deeply.

My name is Kevin Ryan. I live in New England (Ellington, CT exactly).

I love New England.

I am not an expert on work, although I have been doing it full time since 1976.

I am not an expert on leadership, although I’ve been leading at various levels since early in life.

I am not an expert on life, although I have been doing that since I was born.

I am a child of the 1970s.

I was not a good student, although I love to learn.

It took me until the age of 26 to find a profession that fit.

Through a circuitous route I became a software programmer, somehow became a Vice President in 2 healthcare companies – good to great companies, I will say.

I worked with dozens and dozens of exceptional people.

Without understanding why, I was appointed, invited, asked, or stepped into various positions of leadership in my work and church life.

At each of those positions I have made mistakes, failed, was wounded, recovered, learned, and tried again.

At times, I believe I have contributed.

Learning to know when I did which (failed or contributed) is important to me.

At 48 years old, I changed my work life drastically, I left the corporate world, spent a year in a residency arts program, purchased my own company, and began to lead sessions on developing leaders through an excellent program called the Regional Leadership Forum (RLF).

I love to learn, have found myself, without planning, in different places of leadership which has caused me to read, discover, converse and explore the many aspects of what it means to take responsibility for leading. That leadership can be in the family, a corporation, a church, a community, any organization where people gather and toil for something in common to each of them.

Thanks for visiting, Kevin