“What’s become clear to you since we last met”

For those of my readers who are RLF grads, I hope the title of this post brings you a smile and some warm, powerful, teachable memories.

For others, some background; I understand that Ralph Waldo Emerson would greet friends he had not seen for a time with this question – “What’s become clear to you since we last met?”

For whatever reason, it seems to transport a conversation immediately to a deeper and more meaningful level than simply ‘how are you?’ or ‘how’ve you been?’

So after a long break in writing I’ll summarize what’s become clear to me since we last met – virtually, of course.

  • Structure (like a commitment to write a weekly blog post 🙂 ) can at times feel like a straight jacket to me.
  • Work-life balance is hard, and fragile.
  • When we commit ourselves to something not totally under our control, then items of our own desire will take a “back seat”.
  • Life is uncertain, and fragile


Two friends, good to great leaders I will add, had their jobs eliminated. An earthquake of an 8.9 magnitude puts the efforts, tasks, and ambitions of humans, compared to forces of nature in perspective. I said a final goodbye to a dear friend who passed away – she was a person who made me feel needed, important, valued.

When responsibility progresses beyond that first level of leadership, then you, by the very nature of the task, are leading leaders.

It’s easy to be a leader, when times are good and people like you. It’s something else when you need to be steadfast to what you know is right, in the face of opposition.

  1. Welcome back! Several times lately I was on the cusp of asking you if you’d given up on the blog, held back only by some insight into your schedule these last several weeks. 🙂

    To me, it’s become clearer that relationships are about all that really matters in life (aside from the obvious spiritual imperatives). Indeed they are the essence of life (which may be redundant).

    Thanks for posting!

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