Choice in the balance …

A friend of mine does something wonderful for me. Every Friday he sends some of us a few short words of encouragement, wisdom, and often includes various quotes to make his point.

I look forward to them each week, and on the rare occasion (very rare) when he’s a day or so late, I wonder if everything is alright, or if he thinks we don’t appreciate it enough. But then he has always produced.

Thanks Jay!!

Well, last Friday he sent a quote that caused me to think again about how significant the choices we make are.

I went back and looked at my 15 Axioms and realized that 4 of them actually deal with choice. And without really thinking about it I had grouped them together, building on each other in a sense. These are Axioms:

6. Fear is not a choice

7. Courage is the proactive response to fear

8. Choose to ignore the voices of negativity – which are pervasive

9. The “right” choice is often hard

Oh, and the quote Jay sent:

“Between two evils, choose neither; between two goods, choose both.”

From the book, Wise Words and Quotes” by Vern McLellan

Well said, don’t you think?

  1. Kevin,
    Small world. I have been reading your posts, your axioms, for a while now. Today, I clicked on your About page only to discover I know you. I worked at finalsite when you first started your company website. So glad to be in touch again:)

    • kjr says:

      Indeed it is, Susan, great to hear from you again and thanks for reading. Hope things are well for you…
      best, Kevin

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