What is the leadership lesson here?

A friend and colleague sent me the video below today. Over the past year I have thought more and more that we are living in times that are remarkably transformational. Times that equate to the invention of the printing press, or the impact of a World War. Different than anything experienced since the 1950s.

The digital age, the transfer of world wealth and power, the increasing life span of much of the world. All of this seems to me exponential in how it has changed the values, norms, and expectations of our cultures and societies.

This video put in a capsule for me some of those changes, especially since 1999.

Yet, what it does not say, is what was the difference in why some countries thrived in those 200 years, and what is needed in the next 10 years to help people, communities, nations, regions to thrive.

It’s the intangibles of leadership, influence, vision, direction, creativity, and more that will make the difference.

  1. Jeff says:

    I agree with Brad. Fascinating and amazing…..

    (And although it’s dwarfed by the implications of the information itself, his intended point was the presentation of statistics, which reminded me of this: http://www.latoyaegwuekwe.com/geographyofarecession.html)

  2. Betsy says:

    Remarkable. I like the positive outlook for the future, too. Time will tell!

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