Page 2…The right choice is often hard

…and sometimes it’s personal. . .

As some of you may know my daughter Betsy had a bout with cancer earlier this year.  Lots and lots could be said (or written) about the emotions and thoughts a father can have when your child is faced with such a report.

But, that’s not what I will write about.

Instead I will relate how this Axiom was lived by her and how it came clear to me that maybe, just maybe we passed along something.

After surgery and initial treatment Betsy, who was in her final year of nursing college, went back to school. Class and clinical training were on the schedule. She was tired, worn out and emotionally stretched. But many hours of class and previous training was soon to be over, and it was clear with an extra push of work and stoic resolve she’d finish, graduate, and in a few months be able to practice nursing.

That’s how some stories go…strong woman, grits her teeth, presses through and becomes what she set out to be. And, she could have done that, I am sure.

But she didn’t, she stopped, made the decision to drop out of school and postpone graduating nursing school for what may be close to a full year.


She put it best when she told me what she was going to do:

Dad, I’m emotionally on the edge, it’s hard for me to concentrate, I am tired and worn out. If you were in the hospital- sick, or hurt, would you want me dispensing your medications?

The right choice- it was hard, and it was personal. But still right.

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