More… on “Don’t take yourself too seriously”

It amazes me how universal this  axiom (self evident truth, remember) is to us all and from all walks of life.

After my initial post on this number 13 of the 15 Axioms I received a number of emails and comments. One came from somone I love dearly but see too infrequently (thanks Jan). It made me laugh right out loud when I read it and I had to share it, here it is:

Hi, It is funny how we are all guilty of taking ourselves too seriously at times.  The last line hit home for me. A while back when I was constantly worried about everything I said at a staff meeting a collegue said to me…”relax its not like they’re going to name a wing of the building after you or anything”.  Then I realized I was taking everything too seriously.

How many staff meetings have you attended and become absorbed in self assessment rather than the topic of the moment? How many times do we see a situation having some grave consequences as we ponder it, yet it never happens.

Janet’s story reminded me of a quote from Samuel Clemens that shows how universal it is to take ourselves too seriously

I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.

Mark Twain

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